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If you have ever vacated one house and into another, you are most likely well aware of the many tasks that need to be looked after both before and during the big day. This process can end up being particularly strenuous if you are moving from one state or even country to another and requires some substantial preparation. You can, obviously, request the services of a moving company who will both help you pack and move, however, if you choose to do it on your own, here are 10 pointers to help get you started.

The secret to a smooth relocation is preparation. Due to the fact that it is typically unavoidable that if something can go wrong it moverwill, you wish to be as prepared as you possibly so that when it does, you will be much better equipped to deal with it as rapidly as possible. The first step to actually moving is packing. When doing this, be sure to arrange your belongings in a way that will make it much easier for you to recognize them once they have actually been moved.

Pack as far in advance as you potentially can, bearing in mind that a number of other tasks will use up your time as the big day draws near. Pack the products you do not require initially, so you will have the ability to pack those you will more quickly and quickly as it ends up being essential to do so. Doing this in advance will likewise help eliminate the stress of last minute packaging, and will make it easier for you to organize your items.

How a truck is loaded can also make a big distinction in the number of times you will need to go back to the old home for more furniture. If you are able to tactically position products by taking full advantage of the space, you will be able to decrease the number of journeys, therefore conserving time and probably money. This will likewise assist in cutting down on the tension.

Make a moving checklist. If you jot down all the products you need to pack, then move, then check them off as each one is accomplished, your moving experience will be more organized. Professional mover James Bailey says “The key to a stress-free move is to organize the many aspects of the move into easy to accomplish task.”  This, too, will conserve you money and time and can keep you from leaving something behind.

When packaging, make certain to use the appropriate products for securing your items. This is very important since they are most likely to be moved or moved about during the trip. Packing well can keep them from ending up being harmed or broken.

moving boxesClassify your products. By loading like items in the very same box, you will be able to find them quickly and easily when you have actually made the move. It is also a great idea to label the contents of each box, along with the room to which it belongs so there will not be a question as to exactly what it contains. Create a diagram of the new home labeling each room with the rooms name so it can correspond with the label on the box. For the furniture, you can post a diagram of where you want to place furniture for each room. Place each individual diagram on the door of the appropriate room.

Before you move, prepare for the procedure as carefully as possible from starting to end. This implies making certain all utilities are moved, a change of address form has been completed with the post office, and all appropriate utilities have actually been alerted. There are lots of other aspects that will require your attention, so it is a good idea to make a list of tasks you will need to complete, as well as a plan for each. This will ensure you won’t leave anything out.

When you get to your new home, place packages into to each room’s space. For instance, you need to put all the boxes marked kitchen into the appropriate space. This will make them much easier to unload and will help prevent confusion.

Unpack the vital items first. This includes cooking items, bathroom products, and clothes. You will have lots of time to unpack the nonessentials.

Finally, complete a check prior to handing over the old keys. This will ensure that you do not leave anything behind. You may notice something you missed out on during the flurry of activity.

I found this video and felt that it has some great information and tips for moving to a new state.  Give it a quick watch and it will get you thinking about your long distance move.

You have actually landed that brand-new task in another city, you’re retiring out-of-state, your household’s growing and it’s time to update. All these are excellent signs that life is going well. Keep it working out by selecting the ideal mover to get you where you’re going.

Tips on choosing a mover

— Choose the sort of mover you need, such as a relocation service, interstate moving business, local mover, pack-and-stack service, family shipper or trucking service.

— Ask your pals or next-door neighbors who have moved just recently for suggestions. A word-of-mouth referral is a very best method to be guaranteed the movers will do a great task.

— Ask prospective movers for recommendations, and call them to see how satisfied their consumers are.

— Get written quotes from at least three movers prior to choosing.

— To reduce the hourly charges for a short move, attempt to do as much of the work yourself as possible.

— Consider whether you would like the mover to pack and what other extra services you may need.

— Know the distinction between binding and non-binding quotes. With a binding estimate, you understand ahead of time what your relocation will cost. However, it also implies you can’t add anything additional that you might have ended during the quote. With a more open-ended non-binding estimate, there is no limit on what you can ship. Final charges could be greater or lower than the approximated expense, depending on the real weight of the delivery.

— Notify the mover of any possible unusual situations, such as gain access to or parking issues, on either end so your estimate can be more accurate. If the mover does not know about possible issues ahead of time, surcharges will likely apply.

— Validate that the mover is accredited and regulated. You can inquire from state firms that regulate transport services, or search in the phone book under a Utility Commission (PUC) or Department of Transportation (DOT).  Look what happened to these 21 moving companies in New Jersey.

— Invest some time talking with each moving business. If they take the time to understand your moving needs, it’s a good indication that they will supply outstanding service. If the business agents aren’t friendly and valuable, call someone else.

Things to prevent in picking a mover

— Do not accept quotes over the phone. Moving is a complicated company with many variables, and it’s impossible to provide an accurate quote without seeing the property and the products to move.

— Do not take whatever with you to obtain rid of at the other end. This will add expenses to your move that are preventable. It’s recommended to dispose of unwanted items before you move so you don’t need to find space for them later on.

— If you are trying to find movers on the Internet, make certain you do not utilize a broker. When a broker has your service, he sells the task to the highest bidder and is no longer responsible to you. With a broker, you’ll never ever know who is going to show up on moving day and they will generally charge you more than the broker led you to expect.

— Don’t let a moving company bait you with low per hour rates. You’re paying for your personal belongings to be delivered professionally, not for the most inexpensive alternative. Keep in mind– you get what you spend for.

Questions to ask possible movers

Make sure you get the answers to these questions before you pick your mover.

– Exist additional charges if the movers need to go up an additional flight of stairs even if I did not know about it when booking?

– Exactly what is the estimated shipment time and how will the driver alert me?

– If I load myself what kind of packaging product is appropriate?

– How and when do I pay? Cash, charge card, check personal or licensed?

– Will the movers take apart everything and will they reassemble all items at the location?

– Following the preliminary weigh-in, will there be an additional weigh in to determine real expense?

– If I have acquired liability insurance coverage and I have to make a claim, exactly what is the procedure?

– The length of time has your business stayed in business? How much experience do your packers and chauffeurs have? Do you use storage and, if necessary, are you accredited for interstate transportation?

Be assertive when asking concerns. You have the right to be confident about your choice in movers.

Important files for your move

Be sure these documents are offered by the mover before your move.

— A certificate of insurance showing all required insurance liabilities.

— A written estimate.

— Proof of employees settlement protection, which will secure you from liability in case someone is injured.

— A bill of lading– the legal agreement in between you and the mover that defines the services the provider consents to supply.

— A stock of your products. The motorist will provide the inventory to you for your signature after the van is loaded and again when the delivery reaches your brand-new home.

Moving can be a stressful time, but keep in mind, many millions of people have moved before you. Make the most of the wisdom gained by following these actions to have the best move possible.

DIY moving

According to the research, moving is very demanding and it can cause stress and the conflict of ideas. It is described as agonizing as the death of a love one. The moving services include preparation, packing, carrying, loading, and unloading. A provider of cleaning and positioning are also done at an extra cost. They provide trucks to bring your personal belongings within the state or out of state. For the customers who seek overseas relocation, moving services have shipping and freight facilities.

When moving, one just has to use the services of an effective moving business and then sit back. Moving services consist of the unique plans for moving animals. The family pet fans have a large amount of stress over the well-being of their family pets while moving. The majority of the moving companies put up movers website on the Web.  Individuals can discover the rate quote of moving treatment. The moving cost can be specified as all cost price quotes are calculated based on details gotten from the listed moving companies throughout a signup interview. Although every effort is made to collect the most accurate information, clients should be aware of that many factors impact the cost of a relocation. Moving quote will at some point include the liability insurance and various other additional charges like binding and non-binding charges.

Binding: The mover quotes a flat rate based upon a given inventory. No matter how long the job takes, the flat cost is constantly paid. A binding quote is given just when an onsite price quote is performed.

Non-Binding: These price quotes are based upon the movers’ previous experience of tasks just like yours. As the name suggests, these price quotes are subject to change.

Costs of moving- The bill of lading which works as the receipt between the mover and customer contacts in between the shipper or mover and the customer.

The most common kind of the Miami movers is that they are the full service as well as the part service mover. Moving business from this part of the world will move all your belongings from the old address to the new residential address. The possessions are typically loaded and delivered to the brand-new appreciate rooms. This kind of moving provides the complete packing and unpacking services in addition to the appliances services.

Move or relocation is done or discovered in two most well-distinguished mode based on the most moving services is a concern.

Regional move- When the move is provided within the state of about 60 miles radius range from the departure website, it is stated to be the Regional relocation. Local relocation is regulated by the Department Of Transport. It consists of the Intrastate move also.

Cross country Move- For the own function people need to move to a different other state or brand-new country. This type of moving is considered as the Long Distance Move or Global move. All this sort of moving is managed by the Federal Moving and Storage Association.

Packing is another essential job to carry out while moving. Full Residential Moving Services can supply you with the totally free assorted size boxes to the clients and also help them to preserve their storage services with permission.

DIY movingOf course you can can do it yourself and then you have to deal with all aspects of the move which can be very challenging. This couple be a great way to go if you have very few furnishings and the time and desire to tackle a large project.  Moving can be unpredictable and letting the professionals take care of your possessions could be the smart way to go.


Movers estimates are based on weight when you are making an interstate move.  Once the weight of your household items are calculated then the carrier can calculate the estimate with their tariff.  Of course their are other factors like long carry, flights of steps, elevators, mileage and so on.   In the article below you can download a typical cube sheet to fill out yourself to get a rough estimate of the cost of moving.

What is a Cube Sheet?
Cube Sheet
I wrote in an earlier entry about how taking inventory is the first and most important step to getting an accurate moving quote.  That inventory is typically taken using a “Cube Sheet“.  Nowadays more and more movers are using handheld inventory devices to take your inventory but it’s the same basic process and the same math is used to determine the cubic feet and the weight of your belongings.

The document that we’ve provided here has all the information you need to figure out exactly how much your stuff weighs. That weight will be used to determine the estimate given to you by the moving companies.  Exactly how it factors in to that estimate will depend on whether you’re moving interstate or intrastate and if it’s intrastate then also what state you live in and possibly where in that state. But at least you’ll…           Read More  by Travis Robison


There are many great articles about moving with some very helpful tips and tricks.  Ultimately you will have to make the choices of how you intend to move.  Full service letting the pro’s do it all.  Having the movers pack a couple of rooms and moving the rest of the house, or doing all the packing and let the movers take care of the furniture.  You can come up with what ever works for your budget but be careful of any low priced bids (30% less than the next lowest bid) because they usually end up costing a lot more at the end.

The rumors are true my family is moving. Maybe you have a move coming up in your future? On the outside your like calm and on the inside your kind of like going crazy.  Moving is hard whether you’re moving one mile away or a thousand miles away there’s a lot of work involved. Don’t you worry your pretty little mind I’ve got some amazing moving tips and hacks that will help make your move a bazillion times easier.

Let me tell you one the first things you have to do. Purge before you move! Tempting to think I’ll just throw stuff in a box and we will figure it out the next house but take time to de-clutter and get rid of as much as you can before moving. It’s just less stuff to pack up, less stuff to haul and just less stuff. 

A great moving tip is don’t buy that expensive bubble wraps. But it is really super fun to pop.  You don’t need it just use your own towels rags and even your own clothes to wrap your breakables and fragile items.  You can use coffee filters in between breakable items or styrofoam plates coffee filters are like dirt cheap.

movers boxes

Another way to save money is don’t buy boxes. Just check your local classifieds, criagslist and even facebook.   People are always willing to give their moving boxes for free when they’re done.  Another option is pick up the phone and call the stores nearest you they get boxes every week and they’re happy to give them away for free.

Start with things on the wall along with everything on the wall is décor.  Just get that stuff out of the way you don’t need it.  When it comes to packing your clothes you do not need to put them in boxes. Take a bundle of clothes and pack them just like a dry cleaner bags them. You’ve got a giant bundle of clothes that’s wrapped protected and can just be tossed in the back of the car.

Another great tip is do not unpack your dresser drawers. Take the drawer out wrapping them in packing wrap and toss it in the truck then when you get to where you’re going pull off the wrapping paper and stick it in the dresser. Labeling is so important be sure to label several sides of the box and write down every single thing that’s in the box.  You don’t want to be rummaging through a hundred boxes when you need something. Just write on the outside of the box so you can find what you need easily.  When it comes to packing and moving the trick is to be ultra organized use different colored tape and color-code boxes based on the room they need to go to.  Make several master list and have them placed in a few obvious places so everybody knows exactly where the boxes need to go.

Watch Video For Tips On Moving With Kids

Moving can get really hectic and crazy and it gets really easy to lose track of stuff.  One thing I recommend doing is getting some of those sturdy plastic bins and keeping all your moving supplies in one bin. We’re talking scissors tape packing rap markers your color-coded master list and even a few simple tools that you might need to take off doors.

Be sure to pack a box of all your necessary items that you need to function when you arrive at the next house. You will want to have easy access to this box when you arrive at the next house.  We’re talking basic things like hand soap, toilet paper, dish soap, dish brush, paper plates, cups and plastic forks. You may also want some bottled water, snacks, phone chargers, paper towels, shampoo, towels, a shower curtain and some activities like coloring for your kid.  Because I promise you’re gonna want to shower after all the hard work it takes to move.

One thing most people don’t take the time to do is to snap one last picture of you and your family in front of your house. Give it a little kiss goodbye and move on out folks.  So their you go those are some quick and easy tips for making packing and moving a slightly easier task.  Remember every minute you take packing, labeling and organizing will save you a lot of time when you get to your new home.


Price is important when looking at and comparing moving companies.  But don’t overlook the types of insurance coverage that the moving company can provide.  Even worst is to assume that you are being covered only to find out that it is inadequate.  I have a feeling that most consumers fall into the latter category.  To learn more about this issue read the excerpt below.

If you’re wondering whether you need insurance before moving, remember that no matter how careful you are in choosing movers, accidents can happen. Boxes can be bumped or dropped or shifted during transit and no amount of research will guarantee the safe arrival of your goods. What can be controlled is how effective your moving company is at resolving claims and making sure you’re adequately…        Read More

You may also ask who handles claims in their office and what are the procedures and necessary documentation for filing a claim.  Utilize what you learned from the above article to protect your rights and to get an apples to apples estimate from each moving company.

You should be asking this question when you are getting an estimate so that you are protected.  Movers do have a responsibility to insure your possessions but you will want to have a good understanding of the minimal coverage that they are require to carry.  Don’t get caught off guard if you have a problem with some moving damage.


Moving is kind of the worst, whether your new place is down the street or states away. This is why we pay movers to do the literal heavy lifting for us. The one thing that scares a lot of people about hiring

a moving company, though? The thought of potential damage.

No moving company has a 100% success rate, but the truth is, most of them will try as hard as possible to get your belongings to their final destination safely. But, as we all know, accidents happen. If you hired movers…

Read more

Anytime you have a system set up in place people will try to manipulate to the best of their ability.  Customer reviews can be a big factor as to why we purchase from particular companies or products.  I know I am guilty of checking Amazon for product reviews before I buy a high dollar item.  The article below demonstrates why we need to verify a companies reputation from several sources i.e BBB, Yelp, Google.  You want to look for some consistency in what you see from each source.  Yelp’s blog published this piece of information and it is a quick read:

Although most businesses earn their reputations fairly, some are becoming sophisticated in their attempts to manipulate their online reputation. Fortunately, Yelp is just as committed to protecting the integrity of our content and we are constantly learning and improving our mechanisms to detect suspicious behavior.

Today we are protecting consumers (and businesses who play by the rules) by taking additional measures to shut down attempts at review manipulation. Yelp has issued a new Reputation Warning on more than 100 listings for

read more

Asking a customer to give a review should be standard practice for businesses but to provide a discount for your services is unethical.  A lot of companies utilize some form of discounting on your next purchase or being placed in a drawing.  In todays world people don’t want to be bothered giving feedback to a company unless they are mad.  So they offer an incentive to get the desired information from the consumer.  This is perfectly fine but when you discount a persons bill before the feedback then they are buying your opinion.  You probable will also give a less than true picture of your experience so just don’t do it or disclose the discount for your review in the review like the one example.  This will alert other consumers and the appropriate authorities of the company’s business practices.